Man Ray spend more than 50 years in Paris arriving in 1921 and considered Paris to be his adopted city,  In the 1940's during the war he returned to the United States and left for the west coast and Los Angeles where he met and married Juliet Browner in a double ceremony with Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning. Man Ray returned to Paris in 1950. having missed his Dada roots. He and Juliet settled in what had been originally a garage at 2 bis Ferou  between St Sulpice and Luxembourg Garden on the Left Bank This was the studio where he and Julliet spent the next 25 years until his death.  Rue Ferou was a study in improvisation filled with the personal artifacts of his life made by hand including his darkroom, kitchen, bedroom, tables, chairs, lamps and bookcases. A large parachute floated over the interior of the studio bringing in wonderful diffused light and protecting his artwork from a leaky roof. The studio was filled with an amazing collection of his readymades, his painting and photography, in effect Man Ray’s life’s work.